Thursday, November 23, 2017

It's A Blessing, It's A Curse

A Presidential Study In Thanksgiving Contrasts

Thanksgiving Memory: Carol Channing & Company "Before The Parade Passes By"

I posted this in 2015, but as I'm watching the fab Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (and loving it), I think it bears a repost.

Happy happy Thanksgiving, kids!


Wow, talk about #ThrowBackThursday!

I can't believe how time goes by. Twenty years ago today, I made my Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade debut with the 1995 Broadway revival cast of Hello, Dolly! (including the incomparable Tony Award-winner herself, Carol Channing)!

I remember this like it was yesterday. We all had to get up waaaaaaaay early, get down to the Lunt-Fontanne Theater where we were playing to get into costume, then get on a bus to ride about 10 blocks down Broadway to sit in a trailer before we headed out to do "Before The Parade Passes By."

And it was so cold! You'd never know to look at Carol, though. And what a thrill to be on the most famous and watched parade with the world.

I then headed home for a most fab dinner with (then boyfriend, now husband) Michael and my bestie, Carlye.

During dinner the phone rang, and it was Vanessa Williams calling from the West Coast to say "Happy Thanksgiving!" - and, since she was watching the parade in California - "you look like you're freezing!" LOL

I still love my Broadway Dolly! family all these years later. What a great memory to find this video today.

Wishing everyone the bestest holiday wishes today. I give special thanks today for my beautiful cast of Hello, Dolly!, currently running at The Wick Theater in Boca Raton, Florida. Here I am, 20 years later, still living in the land of "Dolly!" - and loving it! The uber-talented cast of Dolly! has two shows today, sharing a message that still resonates today: Get out and live the adventure!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Randy Report

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

At The Randy Report, I talk a lot about politics and the political positions we all have.

The official policies here today are definitely "pro-Thanks" and "pro-Giving."

I'm thankful for so many things this year - especially my hot hubby, Michael, and the 1st Amendment :)

That said, it's easy for so many to enjoy this day. Whether wealthy or not, most of us have family, friends and a warm place to be today. I'm thankful that's the case for me and my family today.

But there are many less fortunate.

Today I'm thinking of LGBT kids who have been turned out of their homes because their families won't accept them for who they are, and they become homeless. And that's just the beginning of a nightmare journey for these kids in crisis.

The mission of the Ali Forney Center in NYC is to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) youth from the harm of homelessness, and to support them in becoming safe and independent as they move from adolescence to adulthood.

The Center is committed to providing these young people with safe, dignified, nurturing environments where their needs can be met, and where they can begin to put their lives back together.

I humbly ask you to please take one minute - 60 seconds - and consider what a small donation could mean to help these young people.

If you feel so moved, click over to the Ali Forney Center website and consider this worthy organization when you think of "giving" today.  No amount is too small to help.

I'm thankful every day that I get to share, post and pontificate here on The Randy Report.  Hopefully, I entertain a bit, help crack a smile, and every now and then inform.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here.

Happy Happy everyone!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Roy Moore Campaign: The Washington Post Is A Worthless Piece Of Crap That Has Gone Out Of It's Way To Get To The Facts

Roy Moore
The embattled Roy Moore campaign in Alabama attempted to blur the claims of sexual misconduct by Moore by asserting accuser Leigh Corfman didn't live at the address she claimed when he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Unfortunately for Moore, there happened to be a police report from the time period that proved Corfman's claims.

Epic fail on the Moore campaign's part.

From the Washington Post:

The campaign has claimed to have found documents that show Leigh Corfman lived more than a mile from the intersection where she said Moore picked her up for dates in 1979, when she was 14 and he was 32. She says he took her to his house and touched her inappropriately. Moore has denied knowing Corfman.

“According to records the media has not bothered to look at, we’ve been able to find that Corfman’s supposed pickup place was almost a mile away from her mother’s house and would have been across a major thoroughfare,” Ben DuPré, a longtime aide to Moore, said at an event Tuesday in Montgomery. “This is yet another improbable fact in Leigh Corfman’s own words and story that the media has not bothered to investigate.”

Corfman and her mother, Nancy, told The Washington Post that they lived at the time on Whittier Street in Gadsden, Ala., around the corner from Alcott Road and Riley Street, where Leigh says she met Moore.

Nancy Corfman said she kept that address from 1974 until February 1981, when she relocated with her new husband to a house on Dogwood Circle in Gadsden, which is about a mile away across a major thoroughfare. A police report about property theft published in the Gadsden Times on March 31, 1980, listed Nancy Corfman’s address on Whittier Street.


Moore's campaign, in a tempestuous tantrum, responded saying, “The Washington Post is a worthless piece of crap that has gone out of its way to railroad Roy Moore. There is no need for anyone at the Washington Post to ever reach out to the Roy Moore campaign again because we will not respond to anyone from the Post now or in the future. Happy Thanksgiving.”

On The Anniversary Of The Assassination Of President Kennedy

Above is a transcript of the personal note Richard Nixon hand wrote to Jackie Kennedy following the shooting death of President John F. Kennedy.

As you'll recall, Nixon had been Kennedy's opponent in the presidential campaign that elected Kennedy.

On this anniversary of the shooting death of Kennedy, president of the nation Donald Trump didn't even bother to tweet (his favored modus operandi) a remembrance of the date.

In that the Donald is often compared to Nixon today, can you imagine Trump finding such eloquent words to write himself?

My Favorite Thing Today

Trump Announces Full Day Of "Meetings And Working The Phones;" Soon After Arrives At Trump Golf Course

Donald Trump hates for people to think he plays golf instead of working as our president.

The fact of the matter is Trump has now spent 77 days since taking office playing golf.

Which explains why there was a little waffling on Trump's schedule for today per the White House.

At 6:51AM, the White House staff told the press pool that this would be a "low-key" day.

But just minutes later, clearly Trump didn't like the message that sent, the WH staff corrected that statement saying "the press" would have a low-key day, but the Trumpster would have a "full schedule of meetings and phone calls."

Trump even tweeted it out for the world to see.

But at 9:26AM Trump arrived at Trump International Golf Club in Florida to play golf.

As I've said before, I wouldn't have a problem with a president playing golf occasionally.

But Trump spent much of the past 8 years criticizing President Obama for playing golf EVER.

And, on the campaign trail, Trump often told his followers there wouldn't be time for golf because he'd be so busy working on behalf of the American people.

Hypocrisy is so confusing, isn't it?

The Washington Post has composed this handy-dandy graphic showing when and where Trump visited his properties and golf courses.